Grothe’s Test Career Over As Selectors Back Manly Duo

Parramatta winger Eric Grothe has once again shown he is as reliable off the field as he is on it by not showing up to an Australian Rugby League team physical.

Grothe didnt bother to show up, didn’t tell anyone he wasn’t showing up and has no apologised for not turning up.

Thankfully Australian coach Ricky Stuart has basically come out and said that is effectivly the end of Grothe’s chances of every playing for Australia again, and thank goodness.

There has also been some indication earlier in the week that Manly fullback Brett Stewart will be given the Australian fullback sport ahead of the Cowboys Matthew Bowen after the Manly fullback got the points decision over Bowen in last weeks semi final.

There is also talk that with the loss of partner in crime Jonathan Thuston to injury, its a knock against Bowens chances.

Personally I think its a cop out and a disgrace!

Bowen was a shade off winning the Dall M player of the year away, he was the NRL fullback of the year and has been sensational this year and looked certain to have locked up the test jersey he has deserved for so long.

Another Manly player looking to get an undeserved Test jersey is Matt Orford.

Despite Scott Prince and Cooper Cronk both being in better form all year, it seems selectors like Orford over both.

With stupid selections and farcicle moves like trying to draft in overseas players into the Australian Test side, you have to wonder what the people in charge of the worlds greatest rugby team are trying to do to the proud green and gold jersey.

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