Great Britain Finally Win Something!

Great Britain has beaten New Zealand 44-0 in a very, very average Test match. The Lions didn’t really do anything special, New Zealand were just nothing short of atrocious.

After setting a laughable goal for New Zealand coach Gary Kemble to win at least 75% of his games in change of the Kiwi’s, his record now stands at 0-3 with a for an against record that stands at 10 points for and 122 against!

Of course you cant lay all the blame at Kembles feet, after all New Zealand haven’t become terrible over night. In their last 11 games since winning the Tri Nations Final in 2005, New Zealand has managed just 2 wins, both against Great Britain in last years Tri Series.

New Zealand have offered nothing at all in this Test series. Their tactics have been terrible, they lack any sort of structure, they have played dumb football and have made a no frills Great Britain side seem like they actually have above average talent.

Roy Asotasi, Fui Fui Moi Moi and Paul Whatuira have really been the only players that have turned up for New Zealand. All three have looked a class above everyone else with the ball in their hands and all have out played their opposite number.

It was a good laugh to hear the Sky commentators in one breath say New Zealand was under strength, but at the same time that Great Britain were putting in a “World Champion performance”.

Heaven forbid they get a head of themselves!

Its Great Britain first series win of any kind since 1993. In that year, Lenny Kravitz has the break out hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, Alan Prost was the Formula One World Champion, Schindler’s List won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Australia were only 15 years into their run of consecutive Rugby League Test series wins.

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