Graham Murray Is Officially Gone!

The mail was spot on and Graham Murray has stepped down as the coach of the North Queensland Cowboys.

You knew Murray was gone when there was a betting plunge this week on hyim being the first coach to go.

This isn’t new territory for Murray. He has a history of coming into a club, bringing them early success, then eventually having his players not being all that thrilled with him only for it to all end with terrible results and Murray just seeming to be clueless to on whats gone wrong and what to do.

At the moment they Cowboys haven’t named a replacement, but its not like they have made things easy for themselves.

Assistant coach Ian Millward has been sniffing around for the North Queensland job, and he would surely be ready to jump in Murrays grave, however Millward has signed to be the Canberra Raiders assistant coach from next season.
So you have had one coach that was leaving, and that didn’t work out, and you want to replace him with another coach that is leaving?

This is the rotten position the club has made for itself with this stupid move to basically tell their current coach they don’t want him before the season starts, and then signing a bloke as the new coach that can’t join the club until after the season is over.

Its just another stupid contract situation in Rugb y League.


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