Luke Lewis Screws Bunnies As He Stays At Penrith

Luke Lewis has really screwed over the South Sydney Rabbitohs by backing out of a handshake deal to play for the club from next season, deciding to re-sign with the Penrith Panthers instead.

Lewis had agreed to join the Rabbitoh’s but had not signed on the dotted line yet.

Obviously with the Bunnies poor start to the season, coupled front office turmoil has made Lewis have second thoughts.

Lewis has claimed he decided to stay because of a sick family member. He has said he didn’t want to move away from his family and that was the major reason he decided to stay at Penrith.

Thing is, I live on the same street as Luke Lewis, and lets face it, even if he moved to Bondi, the most Eastern point in Sydney and about as far East as you could get from this area, its not THAT far away from Blacktown anyway! No wonder he didn’t entertain moving to an interstate club!

The Rabbitohs have every right to feel completely screwed over.

They were apparently were not able to get Lewis to sign on the dotted line because NRL contracts can not be signed before a certain date.

Lewis went back on a verbal agreement, but in this day and age where even a signed contract isn’t worthy the paper its written on, that is not really a shock.

As for Lewis, as a Panthers fan I guess its good we keep hold of a player however I’m not sure its the best use of the salary cap.

Penrith have a lot of very good young outside backs coming through the ranks and Lewis hasn’t been crash hot playing in the centers or on the wing.

Lewis has been played in the back row, however as Gorden Tallis once said “I wouldnt like to be a forward and see a winger defending beside me”.

Lewis has also played in the halves, with mixed performances. He has played well in the last couple of weeks though but you have to think that if he is Penriths long term choice as a halfback, then the club has massive problems!

So, another day, another contract, more headshaking….and this time Penrith actually holds onto a player!

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