Graham Murray GORN!

Word on the street is that the North Queensland Cowboys have told Graham Murray that they will not re-new his contract that ends at the end of this season.

Its got to be a real kick in the teeth for Murray who coaches the Cowboys to the NRL Grand Final in 2005. Still, there have been whispers about his position at the Cowboys for a while now and you just know whats coming next…

Wayne Bennett must be the raging hot favorite for the Cowboys job. I would not be surprised at all if that deal was already stitch up on the quiet a long time ago.

At the Cowboys, Benny would still have a Queensland based side, he would have a great side with great players to work with, he would still have that no questions asked, worship following and, most importantly, he wouldn’t have to deal with the Sydney media on a daily basis.

And you know that already Graham Murray is having flashbacks of when he was sacked by the Sydney Roosters after the 2001 season only to watch another coach win the Grand Final with them the following year.

The knock on Graham Murray at the Roosters is that he was a very good coach, but he just didn’t have what it took to go that last step for a Premiership. You have to wonder if the Cowboys management got the same feeling.

Also, its been well known that his time coaching New South Wales went down like a girl from St Helens in Townsville. They didn’t like it at all and felt it hurt the team when he was coaching the Blue and not giving 100% to the Cowboys.

So, the coaching merry-go-round has started and not a single ball has been kicked in anger. Its going to be a very interesting season thats for sure!


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