Craig Gower Looking To Return To The NRL With The Doggies?

The Sydney Telegraph is reporting that Craig Gowers management has been in negotiations with the Canterbury Bulldogs to make a return to the NRL as soon as May this year.

You will remember fondly that Gower, after years of off field stupidity, had gotten fed up with the resulting attention that he got for being such a tool, and on the quiet negotiated a contract to play Rugby Union in France.

When these negotiations were revealed, Gower denied he had plans to cut his long term, extremely well paid contract with the Penrith Panthers short. He called the reporter that broke the story a “dribbler” denied he was leaving.

Two days later, he was no longer a Penrith Panther.

Now I was over the moon when Penrith finally was free of this idiot, but obviously there are people at the club that thought he was a vital part of the team. They released him on the proviso that he did not sign to play with another NRL club.

So after a very short stint in Rugby Union, one that amounts to a normal NRL off season, if he turns up in Bulldogs colours in a couple of months time you can expect the Pantherswill have something to say about it.

Whether its worth while or not is anyones guess. Penrith have proven to be gutless in the past and it wouldn’t surprise me if they just let it happen, but we’ll wait and see.

As for the Bulldogs, I just don’t think this is what they need at all.

An aging halfback that have never really been any good. of all the team in the NRL the Canterbury Bulldogs are the last one thats needs to bring in a serial dickhead like Gower.

The Bulldogs have a very good junior development system and are always brining through top class talent into their first grade side.

I think after struggling with Brent Sherwin over the last few season, with their core of young players and with a bit of rebuilding going on anyway, they would have been far better off looking for a long term solution at halfback rather than a loser like Gower.

Its not set in stone yet, but with the way Gower is, the papers are pretty much spot on with breaking news about him and what he has done.

I’m just thankful that this idiot is not longer a Penrith Panther quite frankly.

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