Featured Guest Writer: Saint Jen – St Helens, The Club, The Town

St Helens… aka Liverpool to some silly silly people!

But its not… St Helens is a medium sized town.. i guess, outside of Liverpool!!!!!!

Its probably most famous for St Helens RLFC and The Glass Industry… but the glass industry inst as big now here as it formally was… so Saints are what we are widely linked with!

St Helens has produced lots of quality League talent over the years, most recently James Roby and Ian Hardman. Probably the most famous St Helens players are Paul Wellens and Keiron Cunningham, who have stuck with Saints despite offers from other clubs both here and in Austrailia. Many of the Academy players are also born and bred in St Helens, such as Ste Tyrer and Paul Clough.

There is also a very famous.. and may i say world class player from St Helens.. that goes by the name of Kev Brown! How stupid were Saints to not snap him up as a youngster? But i guess they wasnt to know he was to become the “next Danny Mcguire”!!! Ste Prescott is also a St Helens’er!

Away from League, St Helens has St Helens Town F.C. but i dont follow wendy ball 😀 so i aint a clue how they are doing.. sorry!

Ermmmmmmmmm… what else can i rant about… ermmmmmm….. ooooh yeahh… CHAVS AT KR!

Grrrrrrrr, you think that they would have something better to spend their money on than to pay to get into Saints, just to walk about and annoy everyone.. they give other younger supporters, who do acutally go to watch the match a bad name! It really pisses me off!

Ohh, and its a sad week this week.. i realised that i only have 7 regular Super League games to watch Lyon! good god the horror! haha!

Anyways… must dash! xx

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