Expansion Needed For The NRL To Grow The Game In New Zealand

As the NRL looks to expand the competition ahead of the next broadcasting deal a number of locations are being looked at across Australia. The problem is, I think we need another team in New Zealand sooner rather than later.

The New Zealand Warriors would benefit from having a little bit of competition in New Zealand and a number of new areas could be given NRL action, while also broadening the player base and bringing potential new sponsors to the game such as kiwicasinos.

The NRL broadcasting deal out of New Zealand more than pays for the current NRL clubs grant the Warriors receive. Doubling the amount of relevant content to New Zealand may not necessarily double the amount of broadcasting revenue that comes out of the shaky isles, but it would help the game to no end having NRL football played in New Zealand every round of the season while also providing options in terms of time slots for broadcasters in Australia who make up the vast majority of the games income with their massive broadcasting deals.

There are a number of stadiums and locations the NRL can consider in New Zealand. Wellington and Christchurch top the list of potential locations and most favour basing a club on the south island so that a geographical rivalry can be established with the Warriors who are based in the games stronghold in Auckland in the north.

New Zealand has a rich history in the game and has proven to be an incredible production line for NRL talent. The Warriors have finally become a stable clubs in the NRL while the New Zealand Kiwis are always one of the favourites to win the Rugby League World Cup with online betting sites.

The NRL needs to look east when it comes to expanding the competition, not just to the north and west. The further the net is cast for talent, the better it is for the game overall.

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