Broncos Take A Tumble But Is It Time To Panic?

The Brisbane Broncos second post Wayne Bennett era hasn’t exactly got off on the right foot, with the clubs slow start to the NRL season compounded by a number of high profile out of form stars and constant criticism by former club legends.

Going into the 2019 NRL season online casino sites had the Brisbane Broncos as one of the premiership favourites. While some of their young forwards hit the ground running a number of their highest paid players are now under pressure to shine as the season looks to be on the verge of going downhill fast.

Half Anthony Milford, the highest paid player at the club, has been under performing so far in 2019. Many have suggested a move to fullback maybe be what is needed to re-spark his form. So far the Broncos have stuck solid by the younger, but Milford needs to step his game up soon before the clubs hand is forced and a change is made.

Another player under immense pressure is Darius Boyd. Boyd looks to be at the very end of his career, with his effort in defense in last weeks loss coming under a lot of attention. Boyd looked like he may have been done in 2018, and so far this season little looks to have change.

The is the possibility that Boyd is moved out wide with Milford moved to fullback, but that is a massive concession so early into the new season and one a new coach would only make if things becomes dire.

Many expect the Broncos to turn things around, with choiceonlinecasino still having them in the top half of premiership betting odds. A quick turn around will be needed soon to make sure the Broncos don’t fall too far behind the premiership top guns if season 2019 is to be a big year for the club.

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