Daniel Nichols – Remondis To Be Announced As Shark’s Ground Sponsor

Earlier tonight Rugby League Week’s Mole confirmed the previously rumoured news that Remondis will soon be announced as the Shark’s new stadium sponsor. For those who don’t know the company a quick google search will reveal:

“REMONDIS Australia stands for service excellence. As one of the world’s leading water, waste and environmental management organisations, REMONDIS Australia is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions for the complete spectrum of commercial and municipal outputs – recyclable material, general waste, organic matter, liquids and more problematic wastes.”

As a Sharks fans I have two thoughts. First up, it’s good to FINALLY have a Stadium Sponsor, the money will do no harm to the club’s financial position, and secondly: Aren’t the opposition fans going to have a field day with this?

On twitter, it has already started.

* “On second thoughts, ‘remondis stadium’ has to be a gee up! Well played @RLW_Mole the sharks aren’t that shit!”

* “Shark Stadium to be named Remondis Stadium. It suits them, seeing as they are garbage.”

There is no doubt in the world The Sharks needed a Stadium Sponsor after Toyota chose not to renew their agreement with the Shire based club. They still need a jersey sponsor, even though there have been reports of an imminent announcement for weeks now. Remondis are a reputable company and the company’s support will be greatly appreciated by the Sharks.

With the ASADA investigation still hanging over the club’s future, coupled with the fact the Sharks finances have never been overly plentiful, striking any deal is a coup for the newly elected “Sharks Unity Board”.

Although the deal has not yet been officially announced, people close to the club and Remondis have all but confirmed it. The dollar figures will be speculated but no matter what the actual figure, anything is better than nothing, and nothing is exactly what the Sharks looked like getting just a few months ago.

With the re-signing of Todd Carney, the imminent announcement of Remondis as Stadium Sponsor, and rumours of an impending announcement regarding a major jersey sponsor, things are looking up for the Shire Club …

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