Rugby Football League Organize Another Questionable Commercial Deal

The Rugby Football League had entered into a commercial partnership with Toyota. While the financial details of the deal have not been disclosed (RED FLAG) it is known that Toyota will supply 50 hatchbacks for RFL types to drive around England in.

You always know that a sporting organisation has done a fantastic deal when they refuse to disclose the details….

Keep in mind that this is the Rugby Football League, the same organisation that gave away the naming rights to Super League in exchange for a bunch of stickers on some trucks. No money was exchanged in that deal, and it wouldn’t surprise me if no money was involved in this deal either.

Can someone tell me why the Rugby Football League is sorting out deals to get the use of free cars when Super League still does not have a naming rights sponsor? Where a bunch of free hatchbacks to use on loan really what the sport needed?

I’m sure as club bleed red ink all over the country they are happy to see RFL officials drive up in shiny new cars and tell them they have no money to do anything to help them out.

Surely all efforts right now should be poured into getting a main naming rights sponsor for Super League. It is one of the main assets the sport in Great Britain has to sell!

Another day, another Rugby Football league farce….

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