Daniel Nichols – Is Loyalty In League Going The Way Of The Shoulder Charge?

With reports that Tigers youngster James Tedesco has signed with the Sydney Roosters, fans have rightfully questioned whether there is any loyalty left in rugby league.

Until there is an official announcement from the clubs we have to assume it is just a rumour at this time, however if true, continues a worrying trend of young stars being developed by clubs taking the first opportunity to move to one of the more successful clubs.

First and foremost, it’s not fair to criticize a player for doing what is best for his career and his family. I fully admit that if I was offered a much larger salary tomorrow at a rival company, I’d probably be out of there so quickly heads would spin. Then again, the current company I am at did not develop me, give me my shot as a youngster and stand by me after a season ending injury.

Reports suggested that recently Fifita accepted an offer from the Dogs that was 50k a season over what the Sharks offered. This after the Sharks plucked the front rower from the Tigers scrap heap after it looked like Fifita would play out his contract in park footy. Sharks fans questioned Fifita’s loyalty suggesting that for 50,000 a season he should have wanted to stay at the club that provided him the opportunity to play for his state and country.

Once again, $50,000 a season is not exactly a small sum of money, but the question must be asked, where was the loyalty?

Tedesco has long been seen as a future star. Tigers fans were distraught when he went down in round one in 2012 knowing just what he is capable of. He showed signs in 2013 and his form thus far in 2014 has been brilliant. Without knowing the intricate details of the proposed deal with the Roosters, Tigers fans are right in asking why he would sign away after the club developed him and stood by him even in injury.

Last season Todd Carney reportedly accepted less money to stay at the Sharks while Anthony Minichiello chose to stick with the Roosters despite big money offers from England. These moves suggest loyalty isn’t dead, but it certainly seems to be something becoming less prevalent.

Air Morris
I’m sure by now everyone has seen the Brett Morris screamer from last night’s clash with the Sharks? We were in attendance and in normal time you could have put your house on it being no try. The guy was a metre off the ground and almost into the second row of the concourse when he reached back to plant the ball down for the four pointer. Probably won’t see many better tries than that any time soon.

Prices Rise (Again)
I was talking to some Dragons fans last night at Remondis and they were absolutely horrified to have to pay $35 for a general admin ticket. The fact the clash attracted 14,000+ last night was a miracle after the storm warnings and the rain that did eventuate during the Holden Cup game, those I did speak to mentioned they certainly wouldn’t be willing to pay $35 again stand on the hill.

No Excuses
When we were forced to find cover from the storm during the Holden Cup we got an up close view of Paul Gallen, moon boot and all, doing pull ups. The old “I’m tired” excuse suddenly looks a little flimsy. Props to Beau Ryan who between sets was happy to entertain the crowd of kids who had gathered.

Saturday Night Specials
Unfortunately I missed the Saturday afternoon thriller where the Panthers snatched a late victory but I heard it was just one of three close fought games on Saturday arvo. The Warriors gave their fans a mighty scare but managed to hold out the fast finishing Cowboys after the Sharks fell just short in running down the Dragons. Here’s hoping the remainder of the round’s games are just as close.

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