Cronulla Sharks Won’t Start Legal Action Against ASADA

Cronulla Sharks chairman Damian Keogh has ruled out the club taking any legal action against ASADA as the Essendon AFL club and its former coach have done over the last 24 hours.

Keogh has stated that the club wants to get through the ASADA process and not prolong it any further than needed.

The Sharks don’t have a great deal of money to spend and starting legal action would just add to the financial burden this entire ASADA investigation has put on the club.

It is clear that Essendon AFL club and its former coach were prepared to start legal action as soon as they were handed their show cause notices. What allegedly happened at Essendon was far worse than what happened at the Sharks. It went on for longer and it happened to more players.

The Cronulla Sharks will face legal action anyway if any player receives a ban from ASADA. If it is found that anyone employed by the club, or anyone that was brought to the club, was administering any substance to players that turned out to be illegal under ASADA rules, players will sue the Sharks.

The last thing the Sharks need are a bunch of court cases that just make lawyers rich.

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