Cronulla Sharks Beat North Queensland Cowboys After Disgraceful Mistake

The North Queensland Cowboys have been screwed over by a terrible refereeing decision that saw the Cowboys score a try on the 7th tackle.

The Sharks won the match 20-18 so the mistake obviously had a major effect on the overall outcome of the match.

The match was a back and forth affair with both sides having their moments in the game. The 7th tackle controversy will dominate this game however.

The match even managed to end in farce when the game clock was not restarted after a scrum. 40 extra seconds of game time were played and even then the the siren took a while to end the match.

This was a colossal screw up by the officials that control this match. Scene needs to be held accountable for stuff ups of this magnitude.

The North Queensland Cowboys see their season finish in a terrible way. What a disgrace!

Link: Click here to see pictures of the seven tackles Cronulla scored on

Link: Last years screw job on the Cowboys

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