Brian Smith Sacked By The Sydney Roosters

The Sydney Roosters have announced that they have “parted ways” with Brian Smith today. This doesn’t come as a surprise after the season the Roosters had.

I always got the feeling it was going to end this way for Smith. He was brought in to try and fix the club and rid them of a number of problems, but unfortunately for him the results on the field did him no favours.

I can’t blame Smith too much. The way the Roosters are run is a joke. They have no junior league of their own and need to buy every single one of their players. They are quick to stab established players in the back and give them their marching orders, and the decision to sign Sonny Bill Williams for next season says a hell of a lot.

People point to the fact the Roosters are supposedly cut throat and demand success under Nick Politis, but have a look at the history of the Roosters over the last 30 years….its pretty bloody average….

For Brian Smith, his future will probably depend on what he wants right now at this point of his life.

If he is willing to go and live back over in England I could see him once again having a really good career over in Super League. Then again Super League clubs these days are real boys clubs. If the players think you are giving them a hard time due to asking them to, you know, train, they will screw you over by not putting in during games and get you punted.

He may be targeted by the New Zealand Warriors. He could at the very least be good to sign up for one season, get some discipline in the club, and then if the club really does want Craig Bellemy they can go after him when he is off contract.

If not, I think Smith’s coaching career in Australia is all but over. I can’t see another club wanting to give him a long term deal anyway.

As for the Roosters, its hard to know who they will now appoint as coach. I’m guessing the best option for them is probably Daniel Anderson. Jason Taylor has been mentioned and some have said they will target Craig Bellemy as well.

Now, lets all hope they sign up Matthew Elliott to a long term deal…

Brian Smith’s last 50 games as coach: 19 wins, 1 draw, 30 losses
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