Brent Tate Re-Signs With The Cowboys Until The End Of 2014

Brent Tate looks like he will retire as a North Queensland Cowboys after re-signing with the club through to the end of the 2014 season.

With the re-signing of Jonathan Thurston soaking up a huge amount of the Cowboys salary cap space, the club is starting to look at where it can save a bit of money.

With that in mind, Tate’s re-signing could spell the end of Matthew Bowens career at the North Queensland Cowboys. The Cowboys are said to be concerned about his ongoing injuries and question his longer term ability to play out a contract.

Over the weekend there was a lot of speculation that Matthew Bowen was on the verge of signing for the Gold Coast Titans. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw that move happen in the next couple of weeks now that the Cowboys are looking to commit to other players ahead of Bowen.

Brent Tate really had every right to retire years ago. A neck condition see’s him playing games wearing a neck brace. A few knee reconstructions looked like they may have needed his career a few years ago but over the last couple of years he has been relatively injury free, for him anyway.

Its great to see that Tate will end his career at the Cowboys. I can’t help but feel sorry for Matthew Bowen though. He is one of the game truly great players. He deserves to be a player that has the opportunity to retire as a one club player.

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