Blake Ferguson’s Lawyer Takes Aim At The NRL Over His Behaviour

Blake Ferguson’s lawyer has come out firing at the National Rugby League, blaming a “culture that’s embedded with alcohol” for his clients behaviour.

Adam Houda, who represented Blake Ferguson at the sentencing hearing that saw the former Shark given a two year good behaviour bond for indecent assault, didn’t mince words outside of the court house when asked about the NRL.

“They’re quite happy to throw 18-year-old kids into a culture that’s embedded in alcohol, they’re quite happy to throw them into the spotlight of celebrity life where every part of their movement is scrutinised but when they can’t handle that pressure they want to crush them”

It is an interesting theory. One I do not personally agree with.

Ferguson’s lawyer had a bit more to say but it didn’t quiet carry the same weight as Magistrate Jacqueline Trad who made a very powerful statement as she handed down Ferguson’s sentence:

“There’s no excuse, there is no circumstance where it could be appropriate to cross that line, whether or not it’s caused by intoxication or whether or not it’s caused by past difficulties”

At some point a grown man needs to take responsibility for his own actions. I would suggest that the National Rugby League will be looking at the statements made today and making a fairly quick decision in regards to whether or not they will allow Ferguson back onto the football field any time soon.

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