All Blacks Hotel Bug Has Nothing To Do With The ARU According To The ARU

News Ltd is reporting that a listening device has been found in the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Union team hotel.

The device was reportedly found under a chair, it was reported to the hotel and then the police.

The Australian Rugby Union was always informed and predictably they denied any involvement in placing the listening device there. Obviously, a third party that isn’t involved in the Rugby Union test match between the Mustard Disgrace and the All Blacks must have wanted to listen in on the All Blacks team meetings…

It is pretty funny seeing the news coverage of Rugby Union test matches between North Sydney Private Schools and New Zealand. You basically see all of the Australian Union journos talking up the Australian teams chances, making promises of a big performance, of an upset victory, or doing themselves proud, and it always amounts to hot air and bullshit.

Lets go out on a limb and suggest New Zealand will win the series and the ARU will be left making more promises to its dwindling supporter base in Australia.

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