Australia Dominate New Zealand In A Very Special Occasion

Australia has beaten New Zealand 28-12 at the Sydney Cricket Ground in a good, entertaining match.

Australia looked like they were going to run away with the game after scoring 22 points in the first 22 minutes, but a turn of possession saw the scoring halted as the Kiwi’s floated in and out of the game.

To pick out one of the top performers for Australia was just about impossible. Right across the park they played very well.

In his first game at fullback Billy Slater was sensation in both attack and defense. Its going to be hard for the Queensland selectors to justify picking Karmichael Hunt ahead of him in the Origin series.

As for New Zealand, Sonny Bill Williams played well as did Isaac Luke when he was on the field.

The Kiwi’s halves struggled terribly, they need to start calling around the Australian ranks and trying to find a decent halfback who’s grandparents once received a post card from New Zealand!

At the end of the day however it was once again New Zealand’s lack of guts and commitment that let them down.

They got blown off the park early and after the first quarter of the match Australia just threw it into neutral and coasted home for a comfortable win.

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