Your NRL Team Has A Very Tough Draw In 2024

After the release of the 2024 NRL Draw many commentators and journalists combed over the long list of games and pointed out the variations in the draw that they claimed made the competition easier for some teams, and harder for others.

The honest truth is, any team, that takes part in the 2024 NRL season has a very long, very tough season ahead of them. There will be ups and downs. There will be good wins, and bad losses. There will be tough away games, lots of travels, a home stand at some point, and then State Of Origin will hit and most clubs will have to deal with players coming in and out of their lineup.

There will be injuries to deal with, talks about players coming and going from the club, suspensions, controversial, and even worse, controversial losses.

Some decisions won’t go your teams way. Sometimes even the ball will bounce wrong for your club.

Your team will have players who make mistakes. It will happen in every single game. You coach will also make mistakes.

The weather will have a say at some point, what time of day games are played will matter….the list goes on and on.

That is what makes winning a premiership so difficult for every single club that lines up every year.

In 2024 17 teams will line up in March to play a very long, gruelling season, and the games won’t stop being played until September.

Then, after all of that, the hardest football of the season will be played over one month, and by the end of all of that, we will find out who our 2024 Premiers are.

So yes, your team has a very tough draw in 2024. It is a huge mountain to climb. Right now, everything is against them. It almost seams like the task is impossible.

That is what makes winning a Premiership such and incredible achievement. That is why it is so worth it.

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