Penrith Panthers All Time Record Against Super League Clubs (Updated 2024)

The Penrith Panthers have played 10 games against Super League clubs over the course of their history, winning 6 of those matches while only losing 4 games.

All of the games that have seen Penrith take on a Super League opponent have occurred during World Club Challenge fixtures.

It is interesting to note that the Panthers have a winning record against every English club they have played except for Wigan, who have beaten the Panthers twice.

Here are the results:
October 2nd 1991
Wigan defeated Penrith by 21-4 at Anfield – Crowd: 21,152

June 9th 1997
Penrith defeated the Bradford Bulls by 20-16 at Odsal – Crowd: 14,378

June 15th 1997
Penrith defeated the Warrington Wolves by 52-22 at Wilderspool – Crowd: 3,850

June 22nd 1997
Penrith defeated St Helens by 50-30 at Knowsley – Crowd: 6,671

July 18th 1997
Penrith defeated Warrington by 48-12 at Penrith – Crowd: 5,642

July 28th 1997
Penrith defeated the Bradford Bulls by 54-14 at Penrith – Crowd: 5,336

August 4th 1997
Penrith defeated St Helens by 32-26 at Penrith – Crowd: 5,303

February 13th 2004
Bradford Bulls defeated Penrith by 22-4 at Huddersfield – Crowd: 18,962

February 18th 2023
St Helens defeated Penrith 13-12 at Penrith – Crowd: 13,873

February 24th 2024
Wigan defeated Penrith by 16-12 at DW Stadium – Crowd: 24,091

All statistics provided by The Rugby League Project

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