Would You Please Stop Flogging Big Willie!!!

Todays NRL stars know they are in the public spotlight. When you earn a few hundred thousand dollars playing a game so many enjoy, you have to expect to be noticed.

However there comes a point when the general interest people take in you is overtaken by media obsession, and when it comes to Willie Mason we past that point a long time ago!

Today Sydneys Daily Telegraph ran a big story targeting Willie Mason and his professionism.

What sparked it?

Well the Telegraph has a picture of Willie Mason having a smoke.

Imagine if you will waking up tomorrow morning and realizing that a major news organisation had created a story full of false outrage because you had a smoke yesterday!

Now sure, Willie Mason doesnt hide from the media. He uses it to his advantage quite a lot and good on him. He makes a good amount from his work with Channel 9 and writing for the Sydney Morning Herald and his high profile see’s him earn further money from personal sponsorships.

Thats doesn’t however mean that the media, or rival media organizations should think they have an open slather on every single little thing the bloke does!

So Willie Mason had a smoke, who cares! Does anyone honestly think that he, or the Roosters, will allow his fitness to fall away one little bit? Has anyone ever questioned Masons physical fitness?

People love having a laugh about the good old boy that have been well known smokers. Players like Jason Smith or before him Cliffy Lyons were well known smokers in the game. So why is it a crime against humanity when Big Willie does it?

Does anyone honestly think that of the 300 plus players in the NRL today that Willie Mason is the only one to fire up a ciggie?

Its just over the top and the people who write this shit at the Daily Telegraph should have a good hard look at themselves.

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