Time To Predict How The Incredibly Predictable Super League Season Will Go

Well the Super League season has kicked off a day before the Australian Cricket One Day series has even started. They love an early start over there!

There is a lot of talk about Super League getting unpredictable but the fact is Bradford, Leeds or St Helens have won the last 9 Super League titles. Oh and before that….it was that unpredictable Wigan side that won it!

So making predictions about who will win Super League is fairly easy. You just have to pick one of the three teams you think will be up for it this year.

So here we go!

Challenge Cup Final – St Helens vs Leeds
These two teams have had a part in the last 9 Challenge Cup Finals between them and yet during they time they have not actually faced off against each other in the final!

Sure you need the draw to work out for them to match up, but its about time we saw this game. When it happens I’m tipping St Helens will take the Challenge Cup with Leeds tossing up a famous choke effort.

Super League Regular Season Standings
1. Leeds Rhinos
2. St Helens
3. Warrington Wolves
4. Hull FC
5. Wigan Warriors
6. Bradford Bulls
7. Huddersfield Giants
8. London Harlequins
9. Wakefield Wildcats
10. Catalan Dragons
11. Hull KR
12. Castleford Tigers

What happens outside the top four in Super League doesn’t matter a damn. Expect Warrington to go well with Michael Monaghan playing at halfback and Lee Briers having less of an impact.

Hull FC made some decent signings and while it wont be enough to REALLY challenge for the title, they will give their fans something to cheer about this season.

Wigan haven’t really improved and Bradford look like they are sliding backwards very slowly.

The Harlequins and Giants I think may go better this season but after that there is little to no interest in what happens. Just very average teams full of very average imports. How any of the supporters of these clubs can get excited about the 2008 season at all is beyond me.

Super League Grand Final – St Helens vs Leeds
I know, I’m going out on a limb here but it would be silly to pick any other teams for the Grand Final. I think by this point of the season the Rhinos will be in a better position as far as injuries and general wear and tear goes. That should be enough to see them win it.

When you have a look at Super League, you have to wonder if the salary cap is in effect at all.

The top teams easily re-sign their top talent to incredibly long term deals with ease. At the same time they pick and choose what English players they want from lower table clubs, they sign all the best junior players AND on top of all that they sign imports to massive contracts.

Meanwhile the lower ranked teams just tread water fueled by coaches who’s sole purpose is to keep a hold of their jobs in the short term rather than anyone at the club looking to build a decent squad of players.

Don’t tell any of this to English fans though, they think Super League is just getting better and better.

I guess ignorance really is bliss.

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