Willie Mason Looks Set To Become A Rooster

The Sydney Roosters have just about free’d up all the salary cap space they need to sign Australian forward Willie Mason.

Roosters lock Ashley Harrison looks set to leave the club and head to the Gold Coast Titans on a three year deal that would give the Roosters some room under the cap to sign the big bastard from the Bulldogs.

Harrison never was the player I think the Roosters expected. He never really showed anything at all. At the Broncos, and then the Rabbitohs, he looked like he could be a fairly handy players for a club, a potential rep player. But while not really letting the side down at all, he just hasn’t shown that progression I think many expected of him.

Meanwhile Masons addition will give the Roosters a big boost. The Roosters have had a soft pack for quite some time and with Mason and O’Meley joining the club next year they are sure to have a big more mongrel.

One of the funnier things I’ve seen written about Willie Mason this week that I want to mention was a whinge piece in the Daily Telegraph.

Titled The World Stops For Willies 13 Minutes Of Nothing and written by a journo that confesses to having never seen Mason play a game, it basically took shots at Mason for looking after his sponsors during all of this media attention thats been focused on him.

I mean, heaven forbid that News Limited, a company that almost destroyed the sport based purely on commercial decisions, every look to promote something!

If Mason can prompt News Limited to send out a journalist to a press conference, who has never seen what Mason actually does for a living, and who manages to bring attention to Masons sponsors, just as Mason wanted , what does that tell you about the journalistic standards at the Daily Telegraph?

Maybe next time they should send out an actual Rugby League writer…..or at the very least stop whinging when Big Willie plays them all for fools.

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