Wigans Weak Penalty Shows The RFL Has No Backbone

The RFL has handed out a piddly four point penalty to Wigan after the club exceeded last years salary cap by an enormous £222,314.

The RFL could have imposed a penalty of between 6-12 points but it seems a £222,314 is only worth four points. That means to qualify for the maximum penalty a club would have to spend £666,942 over the salary cap.

A complete and utter farce!

Considering the “flexibility” already available in the Super League salary cap and the fast and lose way it is policed, you have to wonder why Super League even bothers having a salary cap.

The news of the cap penalty came to light on the same day that it was revealed that Australian forward Willie Mason was offered over AU$900,000 to join the London Harlequins at the end of his current contract with the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Do the maths on that deal alone and it just d doesn’t add up.

Super League clubs are spending all the money they want and supposed import quotas are a non factor.

This all comes on the back of a decision by the RFL to cut import numbers….by increasing import numbers! Anyone that seriously thinks Super League clubs will fill their teams full of Aussies and Kiwi’s over the next few years, and then happily drop those numbers back over time is kidding themselves.

If Super League wants to go down the road of no salary cap, no import limit and basically an open slather where anything goes, thats fine, but please, dont try and B.S. people by pretending that limits apply when they clearly do not.

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