Paul Sculthrope Retires From International Rugby League….Right….

Paul Sculthorpe has announced his retirement from International Rugby League to concentrate on his club career.

I’m sorry?

Brad Fittler, Darren Lockyer, Mal Meninga, these are the types of players that retire from International Rugby League. Player who are at their peak, who there are no substitute for.

Players who are in a Test side, and who step down from a Test side.

Paul Sculthrope is flat out trying to get on the field to play in Super League. Who does he think he is kidding when he says he has retired from Test footy?

This is almost as laughable as when serial dickhead Sean Long got battered in Australia and New Zealand and after three weeks away from his little patch of dirt in Northern England he felt the need to scamper home and retire from Test Football effective immediately!

Which brings me to this….I, along with Paul Sculthorpe, have decided to retire from International Rugby League, effective immediately

Pull the other one Paul….

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