Salary Cap Not An Issue In Geyers Storm Future

Throwing cold water on more salary cap hype by a player agent, the Melbourne Storm have rubbished claims that they will be forced to release Storm icon Matt Geyer because of salary cap restraints.

Geyer has said himself that he is nothing thinking of anything beyond this season, but that didnt stop his manager talking up the salary cap and claiming it would force Geyer out of the club.

Just this week I was thinking how Melbourne have been a model club since their inception and that includes doing everything they can to hold onto players like Geyer, who, despite his age and the youth around him, keep on producing fantastic performances.

So when the headlines claims that he would be forced out of the Storm, naturally I was dissapointed. Thankfully the Storm set the record straight soon after.

I have been critical of the media for a long time getting cheap stories from players managers. Obviously players managers hate the salary cap as it stops their clients getting even more money (And therefore stopping them claiming even higher commisions!) so why any media outlet worth anything would go to these people for a point of view is beyond me.

Its like going to a St Helens fan and asking what they think of Wigans salary cap breach, you know what they are going to say before they have said it! Its just lazy.

I’ve said for a long time that the salary cap is a very easy villan to point to by many sides.

Clubs blame the salary cap for releasing players when they know full well they could have kept them.

Look at Brisbane as an example. They pointed the finger at the salary cap when they couldnt afford to keep Petero Civoniceva, but they failed to mention that they has singed Joel Clinton and Peter Wallace from Penrith…..which is the real reason they couldnt afford the big man.

Then players and their managers blame the cap when a player wants more money.

Media outlets rubbish the cap because its an easy target that doesnt fight back and it can be used to make up some sensational stories.

Then you have some fans who see players leaving their club and blame the salary cap ahead of poor managment.

Whats needed by fans is to try and see through the rubbish put out by people with agendas. If you can do that, you’ll see the the salary cap is one the the best things the game has going for it.

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