Why Would Browny Stick By The Tampons?

The St George/Illawarra Tampons have been beyond pathetic so far this season. Even the boost that Wayne Bennett would be coaching them next season has not been enough to make them lift their game at all.

Of course, Benny doesn’t need to worry about that, he doesn’t arrive at the Dragins until the season is over, but until then ever single loss is yet another mark against Nathan Browns coaching career.

So after the Dragons have told Brown he is not wanted any more, why does he stick around and put himself through this rubbish?

To be fair, the Dragons have been very loyal to him. He has been head coach of the Dragons now for 6 years, he is one of the longest serving coaches in the NRL, so there must be some feeling that he should now stick by them.

Still it must be demoralizing and just destroy your self confidence when the team you are coaching just gives you nothing at all on a weekly basis.

Had Brown quit as soon as the decision was made to sign Wayne Bennett for next season, Browns career as a coach would have been looked at differently.

Put into the role of head coach WAY too early, he had a young side that was inconsistant, injury prone and who bottled it in the big games.

However now his coaching career will be looked at as a complete disaster. People tend to remember your last seasons as a coach, and Browns last season is looking to be nothing short of a disaster.

Brown should leave now to maintain his self respect. he is a good bloke, well liked by basically everyone that meets him, but the players have given up on him and the club management has given up on him, he should cut his losses now and let the Dragons sort their own mess out.

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