Pathetic Tigers Are Nothing But A Joke

When the sole purpose of a club seems to be to draw attention to itself by being a circus act or a punch line in a joke, then you know it doesn’t belong in Super League.

Sure, I’ve been critical of clubs in the UK before for being complete and utter shit, but with Castleford, its like they are striving for something more. Its like they want to be Mike Tyson post rape/biting ears.

All clubs strive for attentions, after all, it pays the bills. Castleford however want the same type of attention a car crash gets, where people can’t help but have a look to see how terrible it can actually become.

In keeping with their latest crazy of self embarrassment, this week the club proudly proclaimed to have signed two Australian players!

The first was 21 year-old forward Brendan Hlad from the Penrith Panthers.

Now, I’m a Penrith fan, and I have never heard of this bloke. He has never been talked about as even a possibility to make the first grade squad, and so Castleford just imported a park footballer from Australia, because apparently there are no more Rugby league players left in the UK.

The other Australian is Ned Catic. He too is a former Penrith Panthers player, but he was a fringe first grader when Penrith was crap (Ok, I realize that doesn’t narrow things down at all, but what I mean is, he wasn’t part of their two successful seasons over the last 41 years).

Catic is probably about 63 years old now so you have to wonder how amazing the Castleford Tigers junior development is!

Then we have the convicted Drug Cheat, a 30 year old sprinter thats never played a game in his life!

Dwain Chambers told the media recently “I don’t plan to go head-to-head because I’ll get knocked around. I’m going to go head-to-legs to get me out of trouble!”.

I’m sorry, what?

So, you’re playing Rugby League, but you don’t play to actually be involved in any physical confrontation because you know you’ll get bashed, but your plan B is to just run away from everyone.


He went on to say “Training has gone well but I have to show I can endure a game for as long as I can. People are going to be excited to see how fast I run with the ball in hand.”

First of all Dwain, you’re a fucking winger. If you can’t “endure” 80 minutes out on the wing then its clear you need to go and get a new chemist.

Second, do you think you are special because you can run fast? You do realize that in this day and age, people that can run fast generally play teams sports anyway because there is more money to be made in it?

Rugby League alone is littered with players that could have been Olympic class sprinters, so I’m sorry to say that Chambers is probably going to find that he isn’t really all that much quicker than his opponents, especially wearing a footy jersey, boots and with a ball under his arm.

I really do hope this all goes terribly wrong for Castleford. I hope it just blows up in their faces and causes them to go into Administration or something.

They don’t belong in Super League, they belong in a circus.

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