Bumbling Peacocks World Cup Rallying Cry Makes me Laugh

He is the captain of the England Rugby League team and yet he talks like a 10 year old high on red cordial…..with a speech impediment.

Thats what made Jamie Peacocks rallying call to English Rugby League so funny.

Peacock told The Sun “Sometimes in this country we are too quick to put ourselves down, you don’t see that in Australia or throughout the rest of Europe.”

I always have felt that Australia’s strength has been its realistic assessments of its performances, its ability to change things that are not working just right, and its ability to adapt to the current demands of them game.

On the flip side, how much “putting down” could Australia really do to itself when its lost just a single series in the last 30 years!

So things went from being weird, to being cringe worthy….

“People have pride in their country but I am proud of my country and my local community. I think St George’s Day gives us a chance to talk about what is great about being English.”

Where else can you get a warm beer and get away with having one bath a month! Seriously, St Georges Day?

Its gets better though because now he just gets into his famous rambling. You know, its like he talks without taking a breath.

“I know fans across the country will be backing us Down Under because they know we will be giving our all to win it for England. I played for England back in the World Cup in 2000 and obviously since then we have been part of the Great Britain set up.”

Obviously Jamie….now BREATHE!

“Whilst I have been proud to captain Great Britain, I am really looking forward to leading England Down Under to try and win the World Cup to be the best in the world. We had a taste of that this year with Leeds Rhinos already, winning the Carnegie World Club Challenge. We are an English club with the majority of our squad eligible to play for England and for us to be classed as the best in the world means a great deal.”

You get the feeling that you could ask Jamie Peacock about how much his boots costs him and three hours later, without stopping once, he’d be talking about something really strange that had nothing to do with anything in particular.

Then again, does any of this really matter? I mean, the number of people that can understand what Peacock says in the first place can be counted on one hand.

I just think its great England finally has a captain thats up to the same standards as their embarrassing on field performances.

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