Why Do We Keep Hearing About These Players All The Time?

There are some really good Rugby League players running around in the NRL. Players that are game breakers. Players that are so important to their club that any sort of injury to them is a crushing blow to their teams premiership aspirations.

I can understand when the media focuses on these players.

What I don’t understand is why the media fixates on other players who are not so good, not so important.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to cover the entire game, its just that, some players keep making a lot of noise and I just can’t work out why!

So I decided I would name a few players who get talked about all the time for one reason or another.

Tim Moltzen
There was such much noise last season about him leaving the Tigers, committing to the Dragons, then changing his mind and staying at the Tigers, all the while with legal threats being made left and right, and today we have read he was also negotiating with a Rugby Union team and may still go there in 2013.


He’s an OK first grader but, that is it! He is nothing special at all. He is a good utility player but the type of player that would go straight to the bench and possibly out of your first grade side if you had a good halfback or fullback.

Kade Snowden
For a prop that can be completely anonymous at times, his name keep popping up for too much. I get people saying to me “Oh he played a great half of football in this game” and that is the problem!

Great forwards don’t put in one decent 20 minute stint every few months. Good forwards are good forwards in every game. Yet, for some reason, this player is one of those in the spot light for some reason. I don’t get it…

Ben Te’o
Once again, he’s an OK player, but the way some people go on about him, you’d think he was a superstar.

Why do I keep hearing that he wants to play for Queensland? Is he another one of these gullible young followers that we see from time to time that assume the identity of the players around them (Hi Nathan Fien!)?

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
Alphabet tries to act like a thug on the football field and it just doesn’t work. Aside from making little impact in games, doing grubby things to opposition players and then standing behind 3 of his team mates talking shit instead of actually throwing down, he doesn’t do anything worthy of the coverage he gets.

There is talk he could go back to Manly or even go to play Rugby Union, and I’m trying to work out who actually cares!

Bryce Gibbs
First of all, he isn’t a very good first grade player. If he is in your starting side, your forward pack has issues.

The Tigers have had a terribly soft forward pack for a long time and when they decided enough was enough and started to get rid of players, including Bryce Gibbs, the whinging started.

Everyone knew the Tigers were doing the right thing getting rid of him. He has been replaced and not one Tigers fan is thinking “Wow, if only we had Bryce Gibbs right now”. Yet, the way some people go on about him, you’d this he was better than a fringe first grade player!

Really? This was the highlight of his career:

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