Where The Fuck Is The 2013 NRL Draw?

For the last two weeks Rugby League fans have been promised that the NRL Draw would be released “Tomorrow”.

We have all waited patiently, all looking forward to see the make up of the season and finally having the luxury of being able to play trips to away games well in advance.

We are all still waiting…

Yesterday the Australian Rugby League Comission met and all that came out of that meeting is that they banned shoulder charge’s.

No new NRL CEO was announce. No new State Of Origin Eligibility Rules were brought into effect. The Collective Bargining Agreement wasn’t signed with the Players Association because the NRL salary cap has yet to be set. Not much of anything happened, and we are still waiting for the damn draw to come out!

Apparently the first version of the draw that was put forward, Channel 9 didn’t like it. They didn’t get many of the game they requested, so it was back to the drawing board yet again.

Didn’t we for the Independant Commission so that we moved away from having a media company controlling the game?

I was the most optimistic person in the world when it come to the formation of the Independant Comission. I even gave them a few months to settle in and get to work behind the scenes. At this point though, the ARLC is taking the piss.

Its all well and good for John Grant to sit back and say the ARLC won’t be bullied into making decision, but the game needs some big decision to be made and the commission is moving at glacial pace.

So like all of you, I’m sitting back and waiting for the draw to come out. As soon as it is released it will be posted here: The 2013 National Rugby League Draw

When it will actually be released is anyone guess…

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