Wests Tigers To Move The Majority Of Their Games To Parramatta Or Accor Stadium In 2025

The Wests Tigers are currently in negotiations to move the majority of their games to Parramatta Stadium or Stadium Australia at Homebush in 2025 in an effort to boost the clubs bottom line and provide better accomodation for attendees of their games.

At this stage it looks at though only one game will be played at Leichhardt Oval in 2025 while it has not been established how many games will be played at Campbelltown Stadium.

This is a much needed move by the Wests Tigers, and long overdue. The Tigers leave so much money on the table playing at the old venues they have stuck by for decades now, with corporate facilities not anywhere near the stadium or number that you find at a modern stadium.

While some fans will no doubt be upset, this is a move the club had to make.

I believe the future of the club lies in the Campbelltown region, and with bigs crowds turning up there in recent weeks, and most of their junior base in that area, it has to be in the clubs long term plans to move down that way.

This would have already happened if not for the disaster that was the Wests Tigers previous management.

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