Luke Keary Set To Retire, Giving The Sydney Roosters A Lot Of Money To Spend!

Luke Keary is set to announce his retirement from the game this week after a very good career which in the last few years has been slowed by concussion issues. It is a good move for Keary and one he should be respected for.

Keary will leave a lot of money on the table by making this decision, so it wouldnt have been an easy one to make.

His retirement, alongside other high profile losses for the Sydney Roosters, should see the club with a large chunk of salary cap money available from 2025 and beyond. The losses of Keary, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Joseph Suaalii and Joey Manu should easily give the Roosters well over $1 if not $2 million to spend on players.

While this years available players that are off contract isn’t all that great, there are a number of players around the league who would no doubt look to leave their current clubs for the right opportunity, or the right amount of money.

No doubt the Roosters would have loved to use the money freed up to keep at least Joey Manu, but the timing just hasn’t worked out for them.

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