Welcome To The New Look LeagueFreak.com

Welcome to the new and improved LeagueFreak.com

As you can see the site looks a little bit different than the last time you were here. I decided the site was looking a little dated and it was time to update a few of the features in preparation for what should be a huge season ahead.

This is the 4th version of this web site. Its a long way from the crude looking site I put together with Yahoo Site Builder back in 2004!

The reason for the change is simple. There is a whole lot of content on this web site that just wasn’t all that easy to see at a glance. Now on the front page of the web site you will be able to see a lot more articles from various categories.

The web site now is mobile phone friendly, so you won’t have to re-size the page and squint to read articles when you are on the move. It is also a lot more flexible which should help when it comes to making further improvements and catering to new advertisers.

While the look has changed the essence of the web site has not. This web site is still all owned and run by yours truly. Guest writers will feature more prominently this season but as always they will be clearly marked and given the exposure they all deserve.

Everything else is written by me, The Glorious League Freak!

There will be more improvements made over the coming weeks as I fine-tune the site and get it all running smoothly. Until then have a look around and see what new content you can find.

So are you ready to kick off the 2014 Rugby League season?

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