VIDEO: Josh Reynolds Kicks Thaiday In The Face, Trips Barba, Gets Sin Binned For High Tackle

Josh Reynolds had a strange night last night in the Canterbury Bulldogs 41-10 loss to the Brisbane Broncos.

Over the course of the second half Reynolds basically started digging a hole for himself that eventually led to him being sent to the sin bin late in the game.

Take a look at the video:

I thought the Sam Thaiday incident was a bit of an accident. Reynolds was being held down on the ground and and trying to get up. He kicked out, as we see happen in every single game. In this case things just went down. It must be noted that from his position Reynolds couldn’t see Thaiday. Its not like he could line up his face.

The second incident, tripping Ben Barba, was a shocker. He should have been immediately sent off by the referee. Why that didn’t happen is anyone’s guess.

The head high tackle on Alex Glenn more lazy than anything else. In the normal course of play that would just have been a penalty. By this stage however the referees were onto Reynolds, and I have a feeling they knew they’d stuffed up not sending him off for tripping Ben Barba and so they set the record straight.

I think Josh Reynolds needs to think about the type of player he wants to be. I’m a fan of Reynolds, he’s a competitor!

The problem is, he is fast getting the reputation of a player that liked to niggle the opposition and do all those stupid little things that wind people up. It is starting to overshadow all of the good things he does on the field. A player of his quality should be thought of as more than a grub by opposition teams and supporters.

As of writing this article the Bulldogs sit in 6th place on the ladder. The loss to the Broncos brings them back to a crowd of teams who are all primed for a big run towards the finals.

The Bulldogs have 26 competition points. The 10th placed Parramatta Eels sit on 24 points. The Bulldogs can’t afford to be dropping too many more games heading into the finals, and they can’t afford players like Josh Reynolds to be losing their head and getting suspended when it matter most.

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