NSW Waratahs Success Put Into Perspective Against NSW Blues State Of Origin Success

Two Rugby Union writers for the Sydney Morning Herald took a couple of shots at Rugby League today in the aftermath of the NSW Waratahs Super Rugby final victory over the Crusaders last weekend.

I didn’t watch the game but apparently it was won by a penalty kick in the dying minutes. Of course, Rugby Union types found that to be one of the most thrilling outcomes you will ever see in any sporting contest ever!

They also took a few sly digs at Rugby League…so I thought I’d bring just a tiny little bit of perspective into all of this.

61,823 attended the 2014 Super Rugby Final last Saturday evening, a record for any Super Rugby match. Those that did attend saw the NSW Waratahs win their first Super Rugby title.

In comparison, 83,421 attended game two of the 2014 State Of Origin series on a Wednesday night to watch the New South Wales Blues defeat the Queensland Maroons and wrap up their first State Of Origin series in nearly a decade.

Both games were played at ANZ Stadium.

Live coverage of the 2014 Super Rugby final between the Waratahs and Crusaders drew 347,000 viewers on Fox Sports 3. Keep in mind that this game was only shown on Pay TV.

In comparison the second game of the 2014 State Of Origin series drew 155,000 views. In Perth. On GEM. On a Wednesday night.

When you factor in the national audience for game two of the 2014 State Of Origin series drew 4.193 million viewers nationally.

I normally wouldn’t have mentioned any of this. I don’t watch Rugby Union and like most people in Australia I don’t care about what is happening in Rugby Union. I just think it is important to look at some of the raw numbers when it comes to the popularity of the two sports in this part of the world.

Its kind of like comparing apples to a truck full of apples really.

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4 thoughts on “NSW Waratahs Success Put Into Perspective Against NSW Blues State Of Origin Success

  1. Hoe many tries were scored in the second state of origin? I honestly dont know as I don’t watch rugby league and like the majority of the world dont care about it. 🙂

    1. Well how about the amount of people at the victory parade in Martin place ? 5000 people showed up to celebrate the victory while when the NSW Blues victory parade at the opera house only attracted 500 people.

      I will acknowledge that most mungos wouldn’t know about the blues victory parade though as they would have to read about it, something most mungos struggle with !!!

  2. Look at how upset these boring, Union loving pricks are getting over me posting raw, undeniable figures comparing two NSW representative teams. It’s hilarious! 😀

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