Todd Carney Is The Reason We Need Mandatory Bans

I was just like you ya know. Knock me down with a feather, Todd Carney was caught drink driving? Really? THAT Todd Carney?

Todd Carney, yes that one, blew a Blood Alcohol reading of 0.05. That is the very limit of what you can have with a full license, but Carney only has a provisional license.

Why does Todd Carney only have a provisional license?

Because back in 2006 Carney was charged with Drink Driving and Reckless driving in Goulburn and had his license suspended for five years!

Thats ok though because the following year Carney was behind the wheel again anyway and was involved in a high speed pursuit with Police. He refused to stop and at one point got out of the car and made a run for it.

He eventually turned himself in and really, I think he should have gone to jail for that.

I’ve just taken you through his driving offenses, I’ve not even stepped into the other crap he has been involved in off the field or been very close to other players shady activities. I just wanted to make a point that, this isn’t someone thats made a one off mistake. This isn’t someone that rolled the dice and got snake eyes.

This is someone who has a history for showing a complete disregard for the laws of the land.

Now, the Roosters predictably come out and said how upset Carney was for this latest screw up. He actually cried about it….awwww. They said he needs support right now, they will be there for him.

Less than 24 hours later the PR machine was in full swing as Carney sat down with a Daily Telegraph reporter. I didn’t read it, I couldn’t care less what Carney has to say, he’s a bloody idiot.

The thing is, nothing will happen to him, again!

This is why the NRL needs to put in place mandatory bans for off field behavior issues. They need to take this out of the hands of the clubs and impose bans that the Rugby League community demands.

Now look, we all make mistakes, I know this. You lot are only human. So I would say for your first offense, if its something minor, leave it to the clubs. After that though, it should be down to the NRL.

Carney should have received an immediate two months ban from playing any competition games. So should Anthony Watmough for his speeding offense the other week.

Players need to realize that, there are consequences for their off field behavior. Why would the Roosters or Sea Eagles impose bans on players they pay a lot of money to to be available to play for them? They won’t do that. That is why it should be up to the NRL.

The next time Todd Carneys contract comes up, if the team that wants to sign him knows he could go missing at any point during the season because of a ban for his next, predictable off fields screw up, they are either not going to take the risk, or offer him less money and take a chance that he can go 10 months without being an idiot.

Snake eyes.

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