Titans Look At Farah But Have They Got Their Eyes On A Bigger Prize?

The Gold Coast Titans have been making a lot of news recently with future signings being the order of the day.

First of all we saw that the Titans were willing to go all out to sign Melbourne Storm, Queensland and Australian hooker Cameron Smith, seemingly offering half of South east Queensland to move north for the remainder of his career.

That all seems like its not about to happen though as the Titans have withdrawn their offer for Smith, possibly due to their latest wish to get their hands on the West Tigers Robbie Farah.

Farah is a little younger than Smith and offers more in attack. Farah is also likely to comand less money than Smith another there are a couple of question marks hanging over him.

First and foremost is the back injury that has been a problem for Farah for a while now. The Titans are looking for a doctors clearence becfore they comit to Farah but the problem is that back injuries tend to be a long term problem for a player once they get one.

When you think of the work a hooker gets through in a game, when a hooker gets a back injury is bad news.

There also has to be questions about Farah’s defence. He isn’t know for his great defense, he’s not bad but from from the standard setting hookers like say a Danny Buderus. So do you really want to spend all that money on a hooker that is not a great defender?

Some people suggest that Farah plays well enough at halfback that he is a bit wasted at hooker. There is no doubt he is a better hooker than halfback, but when you see how well he can play as a halfback, there has to be a few teams out there wondering of they can sign him as a number seven.

At the end of the day I would be a little surprised if the West Tigers were willing to watch him walk. The club pretty much can’t attract top class players from outside the club and they develope, like Farah, to get by.

Which leads me onto what may be a bigger prize the Titans are after.

Benji Marshall is off contract and while he has said he will not play for another NRL club,. chosing instead to go overseas or play union, there is a feeling that for the right offer the Titans would get Marshall if they paid the right price.

Marshall is a real question mark for all teams, an amazing, game breaking talent, but one who is injury prone and who has major problems in defense.

He is still young though, he is a good level headed bloke and he is as marketable as any player in the game.

He is also very good friends with Titans halfback Scott Prince, and was not happy when the Tigers let Prince go to another club.

I think its more likely that Marshall will end up with the Titans then Farah, and I think Farah is a decent chance of heading north anyway.

With Prince, Farah, Marshall, Bailey and Campbell at their core, the Titans would be one hell of a team to play against.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next 8 months. By then we should know where everyone is going.

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