Leeds Win The Super League Grand Final And Other Pommy News

Well, Leeds beat St Helens in the Grand Final and made it back to back titles. I have to confess that I haven’t watched the game yet and to be honest, I don’t think I will be chasing it down.

There has been a bit of whinging because St Helens players didn’t wait around after the match and they basically went straight to the dressing rooms, but fair dinkum, what do you want them to do?

It seems like a very different culture over there after a team wins a Grand Final. In Australia the Grand Final lap of honor by the winning team is a chance to savour the moment and to thank fans. in the UK it seems to be a chance to act up in front of your supporters knowing you can be a complete lair and they will still cheer you.

Fair enough though, it would be boring if we were all the same.

Ah, Just Remember Who Butters Your Bread
Was interesting to see John Wilkin suggesting the RFL had sold out by allowing camera footage in the dressing rooms, as has been customary for, I don’t know, about the last ten years or so.

Wilkin was upset as apparently at half time viewers could see St Helens coach Daniel Anderson ripping into his side for their lackluster first half. Wilkin suggested that no one should be allowed to know what happens in the dressing sheds and that what was said there should stay there.

Firstly, there is never any audio in the change rooms, so no one could hear what was being said.

Secondly, someone tell Mr Wilkin that the reason he doesn’t have to get up at 5:30am every morning of the week is because the people who put them cameras in the change rooms basically pay his way in life. Without the cameras you’re just John, that bloke that has to earn a normal living like everyone else, as opposed to John Wilkin, professional sportsman.

So before you whinge, think it through, loser.

Leeds Grand Final Win mean Victory For England!
Serial gas bagger and Leeds coach Brian McClennan has suggested that Leeds win in the Grand Final is great news for England in the World Cup and that Australia is ready to be knocked off its perch as World Champions.

Brian McClennan has a history of self importance and it seems his head swells to massive proportions any time he happens to be around to take credit for the work done by those that have preceded him.

To suggest that a Grand Final between two teams filled with Aussies, Kiwis and Islanders is any sort of guide for England is ridiculous. To then think that Australia sits around waiting to be beaten at anything is dim witted.

I tell you what, if you have any doubt, do yourself a favor. Go and have a look at the players announced in the World Cup Squads so far. Just look at the outside backs.

Take a look at the below average, reserve grade quality hacks England have named, and then look at the players Australia name tomorrow in their official World Cup squad. To say there will be a different in quality between the two sides is a true understatement.

The Talent Search Is On, In Australia…
When Australian clubs go talent scouting they head all around Australia looking for the cream of the crop. When English clubs go talent scouting, the do the same thing!

With the Super League season now over it seems any club chairman looking to take a club funded trip to Australia is now over here trying to “spot talent”.

Of course, every NRL game is on TV and between Setanta, the internet and videos that are made of players on field performances, you don’t even have to leave your house to see how good or bad a player really is.

Then you also have to factor in that these club chairmen are scouting for talent, as opposed to say, a talent scout or a coach. Can you see the stupidity in that?

This obviously is great news for the British game too. Struggling to develop any players avove average over the last 20 years, the last thing that’s needed is for every Super League club to fly to Australia looking for talent.

I have to say, if my youngster played Rugby League in England and looked like he could go on to be a decent professional player, I’d be guiding him towards Rugby Union. At least that way he would be in a system that looks to develop English youngsters.

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