David Fifita Officially Leaves The Gold Coast Titans

David Fifita has reportedly told the Gold Coast Titans he will not be taking up the player options he has with the club for the next two years, and he intends to leave at the end of his current deal which runs through to the end of this season.

This will see Fifita walk away from about $2 million.

Fifita is expected to sign with either the Penrith Panthers or the Sydney Roosters from 2025 onwards. It’s an interesting move.

No matter which club he signs for, it will be for less money than he would have earned at the Titans. That suggests his next move will be more about football than anything else, and that is to be commended.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a real blow to the Titans. To have a big name player who they want to keep leave the club for less money….what does that say about where the Titans stand right now?

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