Tips for Betting on Total Points in the NRL 2024 Season Matches

Betting on the National Rugby League (NRL), Australia’s professional rugby league, is in full swing, with many teams establishing their presence this season. The lineup of teams remains the same after the entry of the Dolphins last year. Seventeen teams are participating in the regular season: four from Queensland, ten from New South Wales, and one from the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, and New Zealand. Although leagues like the NRL can retain the same lineup, each season is always different. 

As a rugby fan and sports bettor planning to bet on total points, it pays to follow the match results and game stats. Other factors like team form, player injuries, home advantage, and weather conditions can also impact the match results.

Also, there’s the option to consult tipsters or the daily predictions on Legalbet. Yet, the NRL and rugby in general still lag in popularity compared to other leagues and sports. Therefore, finding a quality and thorough tipster for betting on NRL match totals can be challenging. This is precisely why this article will be of value — you’ll learn to make your own decisions on total betting in the NRL.

Betting on Total Points in NRL

Betting on total points is arguably one of the most popular NRL betting market today. It appeals to all players, including beginners, since you’re wagering on the total number of points teams can score in the match. Most sportsbooks will add an over/under market for totals, with even money, or you can bet on specific totals. Sometimes, there’s an opportunity to bet on the game finishing between 30 and 35 points, which offers better value than the traditional over/under. In NRL’s total betting, you focus only on the points scored, and the match’s outcome doesn’t matter.

Now that we’ve reviewed betting on total points, we’re ready to dive into a few tips you can follow this season.

  • Know the teams. Each rugby team has its position, and players have individual skills and roles that may play out differently when facing different teams. Before you finalise your total bets, we recommend checking the team’s profile, players’ form, and previous scoring results.
  • Consider the weather conditions. Rugby is an outdoor sport, and weather changes affect the players’ gameplay and the final score. If it rains, the players’ vision may be disrupted, which can be challenging when keeping the ball in place. In this weather condition, there’s a chance that it will be a low-scoring game, even if the teams in play are known for their aggressive and offensive strategies. Check out how each NRL team plays out under such conditions, review replays, and see which teams perform best. Again, it all boils down to previous results and stats, which should form part of your total betting strategy in NRL.
  • Rain means ‘under’. Regarding weather conditions, betting experts often say that “rain means under.” Sportsbooks don’t just adjust the line low enough when it’s rainy. In the last few years, NRL matches have seen ‘Total Points’ betting options ‘go under’ at 62% when playing conditions are wet. Here’s another top: the Storm and Dragons go under at 85% when they play under these conditions.
  • Check predictions and tips online. If you’re busy, check out tips and betting recommendations, which can be helpful. These sports and odds aggregator websites work with a team of experts with access to data analysis tools and techniques to provide you with reliable tips. Some websites even run game previews, offering insights and predictions on how the game will play out and the potential points the teams will score. If you will use their services, it’s best to check them, as the team’s forms vary weekly regularly. The only hitch we mentioned at the outset is the hunt for good tipsters for the NRL league, which can be time-consuming.

Are You Ready to Bet on This Week’s NRL matches?

Like other markets, betting on NRL matches requires due diligence. While we have our favourite teams to root for, emotions should hinder our NRL betting picks. To make informed bets, it’s crucial to have access to betting resources, updated stats and odds, and previous scores and H2H data.

It also helps to check out news and insights online about teams and how they stack up against the competition. And when researching for potential bets, it’s better to do it regularly since a lot can happen in a few days. The current NRL season runs until October 24th, so you still have plenty of time to work on your betting strategy.

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