Tim Sheens Turns Down Cronulla Sharks Job

Phil Rothfield of the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Australian test coach Tim Sheens was offered the interim Cronulla Sharks coaching role last night, only to turn it down.

It is not a huge surprise that the Sharks turned to Tim Sheens. He is a very experienced coach who has seen just about every situation there is in Rugby League.

It is also not surprising that Sheens turned the job down. It is only through to the end of the season, the Sharks are a mess, and there is no real upside of taking over the team for any experienced coach.

The Sharks find themselves in a real hole at the moment. They will announce who will take over from Sharp soon, but who every takes over will be in a less than ideal situation right from the get go.

It would be interesting to know what Shane Flanagan thinks about all of this.

No doubt he wouldn’t be all that enthusiastic about a top of the line coach coming in and taking over the team he is supposed to be coaching. If someone comes in and does a fantastic job of turning the Sharks season around, it would be hard to get rid of them and bring Flanagan back.

It is just a really bad situation at the Sharks right now. I feel sorry for their supporters.

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