Thurston Leads Cowboys To Emphatic Win Over Warriors

The best player in the world, Jonathan Thurston has led the North Queensland Cowboys to a 49-12 win over the New Zealand Warriors.

Playing behind a no frills pack thats just keeps turning up in every set of six, Thurston was simply at his game breaking best and tore the Warriors apart.

Thurston has found a new level of play as his kicking and passing game can pick an opposition apart, his running game is deadly and his vision and general control of the game is simply second to none.

The Warriors started strong but as the game wore on you could see them starting to get the shakes, and as they got the shakes, the Cowboys just went on with it.

The Cowboys were great across the park and even playing with a leg injury, Matthew Bowen was superb. If he isnt the Australian fullback in the one of Test match in a few weeks time then something is very wrong.

You could go on and on about their star players, but it was the Cowboys pack thats really impressed me today. Withoutfive of their regular starters, the Cowboys pack has every right to have excuses for not being able to match other teams, but in the past three games they have managed to beat the Bulldogs twice and now the Warriors.

As for the Warriors, they got nothing from their halves, a number of their much talked about impact forwards just didnt turn up and they made critical mistakes that games a red hot Cowboys side too much possession.

It was Paul Bowmans last game at Dairy Farmers Stadium and he was sent off in the best possible way, the Cowboys now within one game of the Grand Final with a match up against the Manly Sea Eagles in Sydney next week.

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