The Warrington Wolves Win The 2012 Challenge Cup Final

The Warrington Wolves have defeated the Leeds Rhinos 35-18 at Wembley Stadium to claim the 2012 Challenge Cup Final.The game will probably be remembered for an incredible change in the weather in the first half.

Kicking off in sunshine, part way through the first have of the match a massive thunderstorm passed over the ground and the rain came thrashing down. To the credit of both teams, the conditions didn’t have too much of an effect of the football being played with both teams willing to throw the ball around throughout the match.

While Warrington got off to a good start to the match as possession evened out Leeds managed to drag themselves back into the game. The second half was a different story though as Warrington lifted and Leeds just go not go with them.

The Challenge Cup is a great competition and its sad that the final really tends to be the only game that fans really embrace. I have said for a long time that the RFL need to look at ways to revitalize the competition.

I wonder if allowing NRL teams to contest the Challenge Cup would be a way forward. It would certainly open the competition up to a new audience and the international flavour might be what the Challenge Cup needs to be elevated to a new level.

It would take a hell of a lot of coordination between the RFL and ARL but surely there would be a way to make it happen.

For the record, Brett Hodgson was named the Lance Todd trophy winner as man of the match and Lee Briers made a dick of himself.

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8 thoughts on “The Warrington Wolves Win The 2012 Challenge Cup Final

  1. Would the NRL teams go with it though? You’d be looking at 5 more games if a team got to the final. The travel alone would male it impossible. I think part of it being devalued stems a lot from having the play offs at the end of the season. Only the strongest teams can really focus on trying to win both, the rest just look to focus on keeping the squad healthy for the league. Brett Hodgson just had his normal game – getting smashed about, then punishing sides. Superb player. What did you make of Chris Hill – bloke in the cap, and Waterhouse’s performance too. Trent’s been great for us this year – top tackler, smart with the off-loading too.

  2. It would take a really big effort to get NRL teams involved. Maybe move it to a bit earlier in the year. Maybe have NRL teams turn their pre season into a knockout comp and then have the winner of that go straight into the final. Then have a free rep weekend or something in our calender that allows the NRL club to go over for the final.

    Its bloody hard to even make that happen, and thats far from ideal. But the Challenge Cup needs something, everyone agrees on that.

    Chris Hill was OK I guess. Waterhouse played I think the best game Ive seen him play so far this season. He was bloody terrible for us last year but the change was always going to do him good. I was a bit surprised that Hodgson was man of the match. He was ok but not spectacular. He go blood smashed too! LOL

  3. Wouldn’t that just de-value it even further? Pre-season comp for the NRL then straight to show piece final? Them teams over here would still need to play the comp out as it is effectively, but then gave an extra game. No way would the RFL, or anyone else for that matter go for it. A better idea is give the winner a place in a WCC comp. I.E SL grand final winner, CC winner + 2 highest league placed, then NRL grand finalist + 2 highest league placed.

  4. I just think it needs something to try and take the come somewhere different. It might be a way to tap into our TV deal as well. It would take a lot of compromises but its just an idea. Something needs to change with it because even the semi finals didn’t gain much interest among fans.

    The WCC idea is a good one.

  5. I don’t think bringing in NRL clubs is a real starter it would just drag it out further. The cup does need a boost as the lower rounds are poorly attended. Maybe move it back to May so it’s not as close to the GF? Also I think it would be good to expand the WCC to 3 from each competition. You could have qualifying criteria so in SL you have the League Leaders Shield Winners, Challenge Cup Winners, GF winners and from NRL you would have Minor Premiers, GF Winners and runners up. 2 groups of 3 teams and top side in each plays final. This would mean only 3 extra games if your team made final.

  6. If a team does the treble for example Wire, then I would go for the highest placed league positions on the ladder. So at present in SL you would have Wigan, Wire and St Helen’s. It would reward consistency over a season not just a cup comp which the play off series is basically.

  7. The only problem you could see with that in Super League is that its very likely that the same group of teams would play in the World Club Challenge. that will mean the gap between the top and bottom teams will grow even more.

    Still its something the clubs are supposedly looking at so we will soon see what they come up with. Hopefully they don’t stuff it up!

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