The Loss Of A Good Young Man

Well its been a long, forced break from the site but it was rotten news to have to come back with.

By now you all know about the tragic loss of New Zealand Warriors youngster Sonny Fai who went missing saving his brother from drowning in rough surf.

I had watched Sonny Fai’s career for a long time and felt he would go on to play for New Zealand in the very near future. He was one of the most highly rated juniors to come out of New Zealand for a long time and he had the world at his feet.

By all reports he was a good guy too, very humble and a bloke who touched the hearts of so many people in such a short space of time.

This tragic loss reminds me of when Penrith lost young Ben Alexander. It was a loss that devastated not just the club, but the entire Penrith region, even now when you mention Ben Alexander you can see the sadness of people.

It took 10 years for the Panthers clubs to be able to recover, and I think its going to take the Warriors a very long time as well. About the only thing you can do is try not to mourn Sonny’s loss, but to celebrate his life.

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