The Glorious League Freak Posts Article Number 1000

Well its a bit of a milestone for The Glorious League Freak today as this is the 1000th article posted to the web site.

I’d like to say that I have sat down 1000 times and put forward my opinions on the great game of Rugby League, but the truth is, I have done it many more times than that and scrapped a lot of what I was writing just because I wasn’t really feeling it.

See, unlike a lot of other people that write about the game, I will only write about subjects that means something to me.

I write my best stuff when I’m angry or fired up. I try and write about things I see wrong with the game and things that need to be pointed out. In a way I’m lucky, Rugby League is not a sport that has a great deal of common sense floating around, so that give me a lot to write about.

Over the years the mismanagement of the game, player behavior and double standards have all been big favorites of mine. Over the last few years I’ve really enjoyed looking at the business side of the game and how that effects what we see on the field of play.

I like to think that people can come to this site and know they will get a few things out of it.

First, you’ll get an honest opinion that at the very least will make you think about your own opinions on the game. I hope people read this site, and if they are not here for a bit of a laugh, then they leave the site thinking a bit deeper about the game they love.

Second, I like to think people can come to this site and no there, there is no bias, no one is off limits and there are no double standards. If my favorite team is terrible, I’ll be the first to say it. I apply the same standards to every level of the game, and I think you can see that at its best with the Australian side. I still have plenty of people who want to tell me we are the best team in the world. As the Poms have heard me say many times before, I simply tell them to look at the scoreboard, we’re number two now.

Obviously, I’m the funniest bastard you know, so having a bit of a laugh about the game is a must. Its always good fun to make fun of those within the game. The Poms are an easy target but just provide so much material for me to use. Then there is the Panthers who at times, take things a little too far.

Last but not least, I like to think that people come here to get the real story. The unsanitized story. The media won’t come out and say Matt Orford has killed the Canberra Raiders. They won’t say Matthew Elliott is a terrible coach. They won’t talk about what a disgusting act it was for Shaun McRae to to take sick leave at Salford when he should have been sacked, or how Tony Rea single handedly killed Rugby League in London. They won’t say that Brian McDermott is a terrible, club killing coach, or talk about Darius Boyd’s obvious daddy issues in regards to Wayne Bennett. They don’t even talk about the way Wayne Bennett chased the most money he could, and then hypocritically claimed it was also the biggest challenge in the game!

Why they don’t say these things, I don’t know. I will though!

Obviously the article I post here on the site are just one part of the wider web site. All the sections get updated over time, there is the forum, the facebook page, the podcasts and of course, Twitter, which has brought a huge amount of interactivity to the League Freak experience.

All of it comes together in what is the most unique Rugby League web site around.

So, here is to the next 1000 articles that I post.

I am Glorious, I am The League Freak!

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