The Fastest New Zealand Rugby Players in 2023

New Zealand, the rugby heartland of the world, has always been synonymous with producing top-notch rugby talent. In 2023, as the world turns its attention to the pinnacle of the rugby calendar, the speed demons of New Zealand rugby are preparing to dazzle fans with their remarkable pace. 

Speed is often the differentiator on the rugby field and it’s these rapid athletes who capture the imagination of spectators. 

Speed Unleashed: Where Rugby and Gambling Converge

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The electrifying pace and excitement offered by both the rugby and online gambling worlds captivate fans and players alike, creating an atmosphere of adrenaline and anticipation in New Zealand’s sports and entertainment scene.

Sevu “The Sizzler” Reece (Winger, Crusaders)

Hailing from Fiji, Sevu Reece, often affectionately referred to as “The Sizzler,” has set the rugby world ablaze with his scorching pace and deft footwork. An integral part of the Crusaders’ roster, Reece doubles up as a lethal weapon for the All Blacks on the international stage. With acceleration that defies belief, he can turn a game on its head with a burst of speed that leaves defenders in his wake.

Damian “Pocket Rocket” McKenzie (Fullback/Fly-half, Chiefs)

Damian “Pocket Rocket” McKenzie is the embodiment of versatility and pace. As a fullback or fly-half, he’s a dynamo for the Chiefs and a go-to option for the All Blacks. He combines speed, agility and a shrewd rugby brain to carve through defensive lines. The “Pocket Rocket” covers the ground at an astonishing pace, making him a constant threat to opposition defenses.

Rieko “Flash” Ioane (Winger/Centre, Blues)

A member of the illustrious Ioane rugby dynasty, Rieko “Flash” Ioane is a name synonymous with blinding speed. Whether operating on the wing or in the center, he’s a game-changer for the Blues and a crucial cog in the All Blacks’ machine. His acceleration is electrifying, often propelling him past hapless defenders and his try-scoring record is a testament to his remarkable speed.

Etene “The Jet” Nanai-Seturo (Winger, Chiefs)

Etene “The Jet” Nanai-Seturo is the revelation of New Zealand rugby in 2023. Primarily a sevens specialist, he’s brought his jet-fueled pace to the fifteens format, representing the Chiefs in Super Rugby. Nanai-Seturo’s ability to cover ground in the blink of an eye and exploit gaps in defenses is making him a name to remember for his extraordinary speed.

Will “Speedster” Jordan (Fullback/Winger, Crusaders)

Will “Speedster” Jordan, with a moniker that says it all, is a versatile player who can light up the field from the fullback or winger positions. A key component of the Crusaders’ formidable squad, Jordan’s remarkable pace is a weapon that often results in breathtaking try-scoring opportunities. His top-end speed and elusiveness make him a nightmare for defenders.

Caleb “Bolt” Clarke (Winger, Blues)

Son of the legendary Eroni Clarke, Caleb “Bolt” Clarke is heralded as one of New Zealand’s brightest prospects in 2023. Representing the Blues in Super Rugby, his astonishing acceleration and powerful running style set him apart. Clarke has a knack for breaking through defensive lines and outpacing the opposition, making him one of the speedsters to watch in the upcoming season.

Jona “Flashpoint” Nareki (Winger, Highlanders)

Jona “Flashpoint” Nareki is an explosive winger who’s been turning heads with the Highlanders in Super Rugby. His rapid acceleration and knack for reaching top speed in the blink of an eye make him a headache for opposition defenses. “Flashpoint” Nareki’s electrifying pace has resulted in a plethora of tries and he’s undoubtedly one to keep an eye on in 2023.

Brad “Turbo” Weber (Scrum-half, Chiefs)

Traditionally, scrum-halves aren’t recognized for their pace, but Brad “Turbo” Weber is a notable exception. Representing the Chiefs in Super Rugby and the All Blacks, Weber combines rapid delivery with an impressive turn of speed. His ability to exploit gaps and launch devastating counter-attacks adds a unique dimension to his team’s play, making him a valuable asset.

Shaun “The Blur” Stevenson (Fullback/Winger, Chiefs)

Shaun “The Blur” Stevenson, with his capacity to play as a fullback or winger, embodies the essence of pure speed. Representing the Chiefs in Super Rugby, “The Blur” Stevenson’s ability to cover ground rapidly and exploit defensive frailties makes him an invaluable asset. His pace is his most prominent feature and he’s a player who is set to leave spectators in awe in 2023.


In 2023, New Zealand’s rugby landscape boasts an array of incredibly fast and talented players. These speedsters are the ones who transform games with their explosive pace and quick thinking. Whether they are making their mark in the Super Rugby arena or proudly representing the iconic All Blacks jersey, these exceptional athletes are poised to ignite a rugby revolution.

Speed, just like in the world of online gambling, plays a crucial role in the performance of these rugby stars. In casinos, swift payouts are highly sought after, and similarly, on the rugby field, the ability to outpace opponents and react with lightning speed sets these players apart. As anticipation builds among fans worldwide for the forthcoming season, they can look forward to witnessing exhibitions of electrifying pace, a true testament to the unparalleled athleticism and skill that embodies the essence of New Zealand rugby. This emphasis on speed is not only a hallmark of the sport but also resonates with the fast-paced expectations of online casino enthusiasts.

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