The Day Glenn Stewart And Adam Blair Chose To Throw Down Like Gentlemen During The Battle Of Brookvale

In round 25 during the 2011 National Rugby League season the Manly Sea Eagles hosted their bitter rivals, the Melbourne Storm at Brookvale Oval on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

The match was a continuation of many fiery encounters between these two teams and this one may have been the more fire of all!

After a bit of a dust up during the match Manly Sea Eagles forward Glenn Stewart and the Melbourne Storms Adam Blair both found themselves sent to the sin bin for ten minutes for coming in as the “third people” into a previous fight.

Stewart slowly walked off the field as has become customary when a player is sent to the bin. Soon after when Blair was also sent, he started a quick jog towards the change rooms and quickly caught up to Stewart as he was just about to leave the playing field.

After a look back at the referee and a quick nod to one another, the two stood toe-to-toe, exchanging blows as the crowd erupted and their team mates run from 30 meters away to join in on the festivities.

It was a wonderful moment in the games history and one that showed players down mind throwing down in one-on-one confrontations when the need arises.

So have a watch of this famous incident and enjoy something that seems to have gone missing in recent years. A gentleman’s agreement to punch the shit out of each other!

That is Rugby League!

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