The Big NRL Questions That Need Answered In Season 2017

Will The Canterbury Bulldogs Play Any Differently In 2017?
The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. The Bulldogs have promised to change how they play a few times, and nothing has ever come from it. Will they really change this season, or has Des Hasler lost his ability to change his tactics to what works in 2017?

Will Nathan Cleary Continue His Rise To The Top?
I am trying really hard not to fan-girl over Nathan Cleary, but for a halfback of his age, damn! If he just plays as well as he did last season, that would be enough for the Panthers. If he improves however, look out!

Will The Cronulla Sharks Make The Top 8?
I have a feeling that the Sharks are going to have their struggles this season. Losing Ben Barba will hurt their unpredictability in attack on the field, and losing Michael Ennis will effect the clubs overall leadership and those crafty plays only a veteran hooker and provide you with.

Will James Tedesco Earn The Australian Fullback Jersey?
I’d still take Greg Inglis over every other fullback in the game, but James Tedesco, with his ability to rip a game wide open, may just have the type of season why he can not be left out of the Australian test team any longer.

Will Jarryd Hayne Improve On Last Seasons Showing?
He did very well when you consider that he basically was thrown straight back into the NRL. He will be playing at a lighter weight, which will help him, and hopefully injuries don’t creep in and he is allowed to play a full season. If he does, we should see him back to close to his best.

Is Ben Hunt Getting Any Better?
Confession time, I never really rated Ben Hunt as highly as a lot of other people did. I though he was just OK. He didn’t have a great 2016 season, and with a huge move to the Dragons on the cards next year, there is going to be a lot of pressure on him to show he is worth that money. This all feels like a really bad situation for Ben Hunts football to me. His bank balance won’t give a shit however!

Will Robbie Farah Cause Problems At The Rabbitohs?
It is a very simple life lesson. When every single other person is the problem, maybe you are actually the real problem. Robbie Farah has left the “Toxic” environment of the young and exciting Wests Tigers club behind, and now he is a Rabbitoh. How long will the honeymoon last?

Will Father Time Start To Take Its Toll On The Melbourne Storm?
I feel as though one day we are going to sit down and watch the likes of Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith and Billy Slater run out for the Melbourne Storm against some young side that no one really is too interested in, and the Storm are going to get blown off the park. Father time is undefeated. Even Craig Bellamy can’t coach a bunch of past their best footballers to victory. One day, that might be the task he finds he has been left with. Its coming. Will it be this season it happens?

Will Something, ANYTHING Positive Happen At The Dragons?
A disaster at administrative level, terrible on the field, boring to watch, a coach that gets excuses made for him by the administration for some unknown reason, and no one at the club is accountable. At least they need to loan money from the NRL just to keep the lights on though! The sooner the club is sold to a private owner, the better. Don’t expect the current untouchable suits to sign their jobs away too quickly though.

Will The Parramatta Eels Avoid Controversy?
I’ve got to hand it to the Parramatta Eels, it takes some pretty crazy shit to get the police involved in the running of a football club. Now they have a new board and that will supposedly fix all of the clubs issues. Again. I think the Eels would love 2017 to be a super boring on, off the field at least.

Do You Get What You Pay For With Free NRL Broadcasts?
Everyone loves to get something for nothing, but the quality that Fox Sports has been offering during its broadcasts in recent years has been getting better and better, while Channel 9’s coverage has been worse. How much is it worth to sit through adverts every few minutes? How much is it worth to hear from the exact same people over and over again? Channel 9 have a real battle on their hands with Fox Sports now showing every single game live and advert free. It will be interesting to see if they adjust their coverage at all to take on this new challenger.

Will The Knights Be Any Better This Season?
The Knights record last year, in a salary cap era, was completely inexcusable. I feel sorry for Nathan Brown to be coaching the lineup he has been handed to him by a club management that is nothing short of terrible. Will they be any better this season? They surly can’t get any worse!

Will Trent Barrett Prove He Is A Capable Coach?
Trent Barrett has had a pretty fast rise up the ranks to becoming a first grade coach. Have any of the teams he has been completely in charge of (and there are very few of those!) show something that suggests Trent Barrett will be a good coach in time? While many are tipping Manly to struggle this season, surly we need to see something from the Sea Eagles that has a Trent Barrett stamp on it.

Will The Canberra Raiders Grow Up?
When Canberra supporters, and the club itself, stop caring about how much media attention they are getting, what the critics say, and just being happy to be in the top 8, then the club will have grown up and will start to flat out win games. There is way too much concern in the nations capital about shit that does not matter to a really good club. Shut up. Win games. If you have a premiership winning parade at seasons any you won’t care that certain media types don’t pay you lot attention!

Will There Be Any Cowboys Players Left?
The Cowboys won a premiership, and slowly are watching their team be dismantled by opposition clubs. Losing test players as well as top youngsters is alarming. If rumours are true that the club will lose a couple of other star forwards, it will be a rotten situation for the club to find itself in.

Can The Game Survive Without Drama?
Yes it can. The only people that peddle the bullshit that the game needs drama are those that make a living of creating drama. Journalists. They are all so busy running around saying the sky is falling and that the game won’t survive, attacking clubs, referees, officials, players, and then wondering why no one wants to talk to them any more!

Who Will Win The Premiership?
I know who I have a very strong feeling about, and I don’t want to say it out loud because I believe you can jinx a team and kill them dead by boasting about their chances! If you read my site a lot, you know who I’m talking about. Lets just hope they don’t wear those stupid pink jerseys too often this season!

Enjoy the 2017 NRL season!

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